Life is Tango

Size: 48H x 36 W x 1.2 in
(102 x 91 cm)
Acrylic on Canvas. 2023

I have been in love with tango for a long time and I am happy when I draw it.

Tango is life that can be danced.
Tango is a couple sharing one soul, the magic of joy and sadness, tenderness and passion.

I paint this life, these rhythms and the emotions of the people I love so much.
The main strings in the painting - color, plasticity, lighting and texture - together creating the tango melody.
What am I seeking? I look for the dancers' breath, and continue to work until the painting comes to life.
And only when the Argentine tango rhythms sounds in unison in my headphones and in the painting, do I sign.

Dance, my friends!

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